Strategic Business Services Consulting

McIntire’s Strategy & Management capabilities bring its customers executive-level support to ensure the most successful realization of the organization’s goals. Beyond traditional Program & Project Management, McIntire offers management support well before the project or program even begins.


Our history of supporting both technical design as well as executive investment decision making has brought out customers sustained, cost effective success in a variety

of missions.


Once a program begins, McIntire will continue its support ranging from highly technical IT and data strategies to portfolio and capability management solutions critical to tech and project leads all the way to SES/Appointees.

Engineering & Integration


The Engineering & Integration capabilities offered by McIntire bring premiere support to customer seeking to integrate new innovative technologies with their existing mission systems.


McIntire extensive integration experience can bring high-value returns not only in technical areas such as conceptual, logical and physical architecture management and COTS products and commercial services, but also in programmatic and process integration like requirements identification and management, service level agreement design, service catalogue development and capability roadmapping.


Cloud & Security Technologies


McIntire’s Enterprise technology capabilities push the frontier of cloud solutions. Our in-depth expertise includes not only automated provisioning of virtual environments, efficient cloud migrations, and integrated cloud/on-prem solutions but also cloud security innovations.


Our current and evolving cloud cyber solutions go far beyond traditional audit and monitoring and into the next-gen arenas of zero-day defense, proactive patching and automated accreditation strategies.