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Our Teammates push the envelope of advanced solutions to bring our clients to new levels of performance across all three of our capability offerings. Below we provide excerpts of the innovative thought leadership and customer benefits that we have provided in cloud, cyber, complex portfolio management and applications.

Solution Highlights

Cyber Defense
Approval to Operate (ATO) in a Day

McIntire ATO-In-A-Day enables successful completion of complex and involved RMF security compliance processes for new systems and capabilities in less than a day, delivering repeatable secured functionality into mission operations. The McIntire ATO-In-A-Day accelerates DevSecOps, making continuous delivery and integration possible even in the most complex RMF environments and stringent collections of NIST 800-53 security controls overlays.

Proactive Defense

Created a proactive automated defense mechanism for critical systems so that if they became compromised under the influence of a zero-day or unknown cyber malicious malware/event, the defense identifies when a system is ‘misbehaving’ or drifting from desired operational states and invokes automated corrective actions to preserve mission operational performance. This cyber defense technique is more effective than traditional automated configuration management, change detection, or heuristics/ signature activity detection, especially when unknown zero-day effects are not yet known and the system must maintain continuous operational effectiveness even under hostile conditions.

Self-healing Resiliency Operations

Created an automated cyber response and cloud scaling tool that quarantines infected machines and malicious human behavior and rehydrates the workload in a clean environment within seconds before any other application or system could be compromised or productivity is inhibited. Our client noted that this was the first time the agency experienced this critical mission response without human intervention.

Cyber Security for Old Systems

McIntire developed a cyber security encapsulation solution for old unmaintainable systems, enabling these vulnerable systems to endure cyber-attacks and sustain the operations without modifying, repairing and modernizing the old application or system. This approach enables the legacy system to continue operations alongside new systems without introducing security risk because old systems cannot comply with new security standards.

Simplified Complex Portfolio Management

Created an integrated space and ground portfolio that allowed our government customer to evaluate its programs’ performance in near real time and conduct cost trade-offs that resulted in enhanced intelligence capabilities and increased national security.

Create An Integrated
Space & Ground
Application Scalability

McIntire created a mechanism that enables applications and systems to scale where original application was never designed to scale. This enables legacy applications to be offered as services and repeated across diverse operating environments without re-work or re-design, while maintaining the same level of administrative operating costs. 

End Point Cyber Security at Scale

McIntire expedited the deployment of remotely managed cyber security software that allowed USAID to go from managing a few thousand remote endpoints to over 15,000 remote endpoints virtually overnight, allowing USAID to continue its worldwide mission despite teleworking mandated by COVID-19.

Advanced Cyber Forensics

Created a virtualized forensics workstations purposefully built with top-quality, leading edge, proven technology optimized for fast sensitive data search, malware analysis and detection, and digital forensics analysis. Highly integrated and flexible, the workstations are built with the processing power and storage needed to run modern industry standard software applications.

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